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What is Sukha?

Sukha is the journey and pursuit of happiness through the alignment of the mind and body.

What makes Sukha different?

At Sukha Club, we challenge our community to find “sukha” through physical struggle. We provide multiple modalities within our walls to enforce this. Sukha Club is meant to be a vessel for our members to find their individual “sukha”. Our team believes that disruption plays a crucial role in finding your “sukha”. No one should ever become comfortable with their routine or lifestyle. Our modalities reinforce the idea that disrupting everything around you on a regular basis will force you to become present in the moment, another critical point in finding a deep lasting state of happiness and eventually grow from these experiences. We are aware that Sukha Club is not for everyone and we are okay with it. We do not cater to the majority, but only for like minded individuals who buy into the lifestyle that we preach… the Sukha Lifestyle.

What does a Sukha Lifestyle Membership include?

It offers unlimited access to the most important modalities to live the Sukha Lifestyle. Those modalities include classes, open gym, run club, restore space (contrast therapy), and access to our recovery loft with all recovery essentials (normatec boots, hypervolts, venoms, core meditation station).

What does a class credit get you?

One class credit gains you access to a 60 minute Sukha Strength, Sukha Open Gym, Sukha Outdoors or Sukha "75" Signature Class as well as thirty minutes in our Restore facility afterwards. Please note that access to our Restore facility must be completed after class.

What should I expect when coming to my first class?

Expect to work and get your heart rate elevated! We kindly ask that you arrive at least fifteen minutes early, and let our staff know that it’s your first time. Realize that like all things, this is a journey, but we are on it with you!

What should I bring to class?

Bring yourself, a good attitude, water, and electrolytes! If taking a sauna/cold plunge, prepare to bring an extra change of clothes as you will be soaked by the end of that session. We will have towels for you to use during your session, a refillable water station, water bottles available for purchase, superfood snacks, electrolytes, and recovery drinks also available for purchase.

What happens if I'm on a waitlist?

For up to one hour before, if a spot in the class becomes available and you are on the top of the waitlist, the system will automatically enroll you into the class. You will receive an email notifying you that you've been enrolled in the class. You can remove yourself from the waitlist and should do so if you no longer plan to, or are able to attend the class, otherwise you are subject to the loss of a class credit or a 'no show' fee.

What happens if I need to cancel a class?

Things happen, schedules change, we get it. We ask that you cancel 8 hours before class begins in order to allow someone else the opportunity to Sukha. Any cancellation made within 8 hours of class starting will be subject to a no show/late fee of $20. If you’re running late, please contact our front desk staff and we will look to get you into an alternate class, or hold your spot (for up to 5 minutes).

No show fee, what's that?

Accountability. At Sukha Club, we are on the journey together. We show up for you, and expect you to do the same. Any “no show”, will incur a $20 fee, or loss of class credit.

Where do I park?

We have a gravel parking lot located on the east side of the building. If the lot is full, please default to street parking. Sukha is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage of personal items or goods.

What if I'm new to working out, is Sukha for me?

Yes, Sukha is for anyone! From the professional athlete, to the person just focused on becoming a healthier and better version of themselves, Sukha is for everyone, and all levels are encouraged to join the journey!

Do you offer childcare?

No, unfortunately we do not.

Can I participate if I'm pregnant?

Yes, but since you are partaking in extremely intense physical activity, we always advise that you consult with your physician beforehand. We also ask that you please also inform your Coach prior to the start of the session so they can offer appropriate and applicable modifications.

What does a Single Class Card get you?

A Single Class Card gets you access to a Sukha Strength, Signature or Open Gym Class, along with a restore session. Please note that these must be completed on the same day and can not carry over to another day. Please work with our front desk staff to book your restore session after signing up for a class. Feel free to email with booking questions.

What is Sukha Strength?

This is an opportunity to follow a foundational strength and conditioning program. The class is periodized each month. There is a focus on a specific movement, typically via progressive overload each day, for the entire month. Supplemental movements are also included in this program to increase the proficiency in each day’s focus. This is our slowest and most technique-based class offering.


What's your programming like? Do you have a focus for each day?

There is a focus for each day, as seen below:

Monday - Lower body Focus
Tuesday - Upper body Focus
Wednesday - Mobility Focus
Thursday - Total Body Focus
Friday - Conditioning Focus

It's my first time, what do you suggest I take?

You can technically start with any day, there isn't a wrong choice! With that being said, if you're wanting more "strength" work, we recommend Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. For more "conditioning" focus, we recommend Wednesday and Friday.

What do group classes encompass?

Our Group Classes will be a combination of strength and conditioning work. Capacity will remain at 18 people/class to ensure the most exclusive experience to every single one of our members. Please note that Sukha 75 Signature classes are open to 24 people/class.

What is Sukha Open Gym?

Our Open Gym hours will give the opportunity to our members to have some time alone to grind. There will always be a qualified coach on the training floor to guide you through the daily program, however it remains self led. This is a great offering if Sukha Strength and Conditioning moves too fast for you, you have limitations, or simply like to train solo! Open Gym is also a great option for those that have a limited time to train. Only have 30 minutes to train? No problem, our coaches can make floor adjustments to accommodate your needs. Please note that open gym still follows Sukha programming - it is not an open forum to create and follow your own program.

Do I need to sign up for Open Gym or can I just show up?

Like all SUKHA modalities, you do need to sign up for open gym so that we are able to account for you and your experience.

What is Sukha Outdoors?

Sukha Outdoors is our self-led foundational strength and conditioning offering. You guessed it, the offering is held OUTDOORS. Sukha Outdoors utilizes our Sorinex weight racks with a majority of the program centralized around the barbell. This periodized program offers a different program than our Sukha Strength offering. Since it is meant to be a self-led program, we use very simplistic exercises and rep schemes that you be familiar with. There are no time limits or clocks to race against; if you have movements you want to slow down and work on it's the offering for you! 

What is Sukha "75" Signature?

Bring the juice! A 75 minute banger. Weekends are an opportunity to step away from our deep serious weekly work. They are also a chance to attack a couple of our other Sukha pillars, Community and Mother Nature. We believe that hard things should be shared together so be ready for a series of partner and team challenges! 


What is the Recovery Loft?

All members and day pass holders will have access to our exclusive recovery loft with all recovery essentials (Normatec boots, Hypervolts, and Core Meditation Platform just to name a few).

Do you have to sign up for the Recovery loft?

Unlike all other SUKHA modalities, you do not need to sign up for the Recovery loft.

What is the Restore Facility?

Our Restore facility includes two Nordic Electric SISU Saunas (Capacity: 6-8ppl each) and four commercial-grade cold tub plunges (Capacity: 2 ppl each). Please note that all restore sessions are self-led, unless otherwise noted. We have shared a recommended Sauna/Plunge protocol for our members to follow, but these sessions are not led by a coach.

What's the benefits of contrast therapy?

We can’t emphasize enough about all the unbelievable benefits of contrast therapy, ie- saunas and cold plunges. From increased circulation to reduced inflammation, contrast therapy can offer many positive effects on the health of both mind and body (Better sleep, Strengthened immune system, Elevated heart rate and related cardio benefits, Improvement for endurance exercise and Longevity).

What's the deal with the Cold Plunge? What do I need to wear?

You are welcome to wear a bathing suit (but that is not required). Any comfortable exercise pants or shorts will do (ladies, sports bras are fine). Plan accordingly as whatever you do wear will be soaked by the time your session is complete. We will have towels available in the locker room area. We highly recommend that you bring a change of clothes, whether you plan on training after your session or driving home etc! One rule - no shoes in the sauna or cold plunges! We kindly ask you limit the use of lotions/self-tanners before plunging.

Do you have a locker room/showers?

We have a co-ed locker room where you can securely store all of your gear. We have two restrooms, and one shower. We kindly ask that you be mindful when taking showers so that other members have the opportunity to use the shower as well (we don’t want to make this part of the cold plunge, so keep it short). We do have a co-ed grooming room filled with hair dryers, and natural grooming products for your convenience.


What does the youth program entail?

Our youth program is an opportunity for youth to build foundation principles such as speed, agility, and strength exercises. These 8 week programs help develop the integrity of body awareness and functional movement patterns to meet youth's sport demands.

How old do youth need to be to participate?

Our youth programs are designed for high school aged adolescents 12+ years. Please note that a youth membership can only be used for youth classes and coach led saunas/plunges. Must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver.

Do I have to be in the facility while my youth is participating?

No, we just kindly ask that you be on time for pick up!